Comprehensive & Safe Vaccine Delivery Solution

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Unit level traceability
Ensure safety for every life - track each unit of your vaccine
Safe delivery of each unit of vaccine is critical. Label each unit, uniquely, and leverage complete traceability linked with elaborate condition monitoring to ensure safety of every dose.
Condition compliance
Become part of a network - realise end-to-end condition compliance
Cold storage monitoring
Offers unified network for all storages – warehouses, containers, fridges, etc. –  and devices to share condition data so that end-to-end condition compliance goal can be met.
Not just Track & Traceability - protect from couterfeting
Combines GS1 standard, Blockchain, AI, IoT and various government databases to provide the most elaborate and trustful anti-counterfeiting check for all size Manufacturer/Brand Owner.


Sensor and data loggers
Supply chain visibility

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