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Drug Traceability & Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Modern . Compliant . Cost Effective
Not just Track & Traceability - protect from counterfeiting
Combines GS1 standard, Blockchain, AI, IoT and various government databases to provide the most elaborate and trustful anti-counterfeiting check for all size Manufacturer/Brand Owner.
End-to-end Visibility
Go beyond your warehouse - gain end-to-end visibility
Provides intuitive real-time visibility models using the transaction data – from your manufacturing unit to the consumer – to help you enhance your understanding and aid your strategy.
Supply Chain Agility
Stop being reactive - real-time interactive Supply Chain is here
Supply chain visibility
Offers range of options to monitor, control and respond to your real-time supply chain challenges. Advanced AI based analytics engine learns from past and assists in your planning and decisioning.


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